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We have so much more now than before! Instead of just selling your cloth diaper making supplies like fabrics, notions, and patterns, we will now offer a huge wealth of information about cloth diapering!

How our site is organized:

  • Confused about cloth diapers in general? NO problem!
  • Are you a Cloth Diapering pro and ready to dive into making your own cloth diapers? We can help!
  • Have you sewn yourself into a cloth diaper making frenzy and think you might want to start making them to sell to others? You are in the right place!
  • Our site is divided into sections, depending on where you are on your cloth diapering journey:

Cloth Diaper Basics for beginners

Use the menu at the top of our site to take you where you want to go. You can start with the All About Cloth tab. Check out our Using Cloth Diapers page, where you will find articles about the types of diapers out there, what and where to buy, how to prep, how to fold, how to wash, FAQ’s, tons of photos as well as links to other helpful sites and tutorials. If we don’t cover your question about cloth diapers here, be sure to contact us and let us know so that we can include it!

 Pictures and Tutorials!

For a ton of cloth diaper eye candy, check out our Pinterest page, which contains pictures of all the different types of cloth diapers out there.

How to Make Your Own Cloth Diapers

Are you already using and loving Cloth Diapers and ready to venture out and learn how to MAKE YOUR OWN? Here you will find out all about the different types of fabrics used in cloth diaper making, what notions are the most common, and reviews of the tried and true patterns out there. In addition, we’ll be scouring the internet to find great videos and tutorials to help you learn how to make great looking diapers in no time!

Buy Cloth Diaper Making Supplies

When you get ready to make your own cloth diapers, you need to have some specialized materials that you may not be able to find at your local fabric store. Never fear! We will explain all about the different types of fabrics and notions used in cloth diaper making, and when you are ready to stock up on your supplies, simply visit our Etsy shop where you’ll find just about anything you need to start on this exciting creative journey (but be warned: making cloth diapers is addictive!) We are working to fill our shop with all the fabrics, notions, and patterns that you will need to complete a full cloth diaper stash for your little ones! You can also click on our shop front over in the right sidebar and it will take you directly to our shop site.

Start Your Own Cloth Diaper Business

Perhaps you’ve been making diapers for a while and you keep getting tons of compliments from other moms, asking if you sell your diapers? If this thought crosses your mind about becoming a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom) and opening your own CLOTH DIAPERING BUSINESS, then you will need to visit this section of our site! Why re-invent the wheel when you can get articles written by other WAHMS who already have successful Cloth Diapering businesses? Some required steps must be completed by every new businesses, and then there are so many other choices to make, it’s sometimes hard to decide where to start…start here, of course! While we don’t have all the answers (because if we did, we’d just take the money and run all the way to be bank, lol), we have learned a few things in the 7 years that we have been in business, and the fact that we are still here has to mean something!

Beyond Cloth Diapers

So, what happens when your kid decides to start using the potty? If you are like me and many others, you may actually mourn the end of the diapering days (how many moms who use disposables would say that???) Usually, once there are no more babies to make diapers for, we are left with a huge stash of specialized fabrics and a love for sewing things for little people. So, what comes next? Some people just keep on making diapers for sale, and others move BEYOND CLOTH DIAPERS and venture into other sewing crafts, such as making dolls, quilts, clothes, training pants, or a number of other toys or gifts. Rarely does a Mama just hang up her needles and walk away! If you are like me, Cloth Diaper making will be your gateway to the sewing addiction, and once you cross over into this realm, you may never be able to go back to your pre-sewing days. Join the army of others in this crazy adventure and visit this section of our site for other ideas after you “graduate” from diapers.

We are SEW glad that you are visiting us today! Have a look around and explore all the information that the site has to offer. Soak up all the information like a sponge, and when you are ready to begin your journey, drop us a line if you ever have questions or comments.



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